Terrace Parking

Mar 24 2014 Todd Melfi Uncategorized Comments Off

Terrace Parking spots are on sale now and going very fast.  We will not be sending out renewal notices and/or bills this year, so if you would like to reserved a spot in the popular Terrace Parking area for 2014 we strongly suggest that you either email us at info@motordrome.com OR call us at 724-872-0203.

Please be sure to view the Terrace Parking map on the website prior to contacting us so that you know which spot(s) you are interested in purchasing.  The map can be viewed by clicking on the Terrace Parking tab under Schedule and Tickets at the top of the homepage, then by clicking on the link to the map.

You can either purchase your season tickets at the same time you purchase your parking pass, or  you may purchase your season tickets directly online by clicking on the Purchase Tickets tab at the top of the homepage under Schedule and Tickets.

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Motordrome Speedway